Hip Hop Artist from Liberia

Tamba Hali is one of the best hip hop artists from Liberia.  Check out his brand new single “The One for Me” produced by Masterkraft! 

Liberian Hip Hop Artist

Tamba’s new hip hop music shows how much of a true artist he is when it comes to Liberian Hip Hop.  His newest single is a song for the summer of 2017 and many summers to come.  Tamba’s career as a hip hop artist from Liberia is just starting and he already has a major following.

Hip Hop in Liberia

Hip Hop music in Liberia needed the push and sound that Tamba delivers.  Tamba is dedicated to making quality hip hop music in Liberia as well as across the globe.

Passion for Liberian Hip Hop

Tamba has always had a passion for Liberian Hip Hop Music and Hip Hop music in general.  Tamba is dedicated to putting out quality music for all to enjoy.  
Best Hip Hop Artist from Liberia
Tamba Hali strives to be the Best Hip Hop Artist from Liberia.  His debut single The One for Me, has put him on the map to becoming the Best Liberian Hip Hop Musician.
Tamba Hali, Liberian Hip Hop Artist
Tamba Hali is a Liberian Hip Hop Artist.  Keep checking back for new music releases via the tambatunes.com, facebook, instagram, vevo, vimeo youtube etc.