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The One for Me

Tamba Hali’s hit single The One for Me is a timeless summer classic. Check out the video and download the track!


Chief is a song for football fans everywhere! Chief was made to be a feel good song for Kansas City Chiefs players & fans alike, but all sports fans can relate to this track!  Tamba really made a statement with the song Chief!

Music Videos by Tamba Hali

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Tamba Hali The One For Me
The One for Me by Tamba Hali showcases how talented of an artist Tamba really is in today’s music world. 
Tamba Hali Chief
Tamba felt compelled to make a song for sports fans everywhere.  This track is contagious.  Chief makes you feel like you can do anything! Its a pure motivational track.  Chief, by Tamba Hali.